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HEY THERE, new friend.

I'm Kristen — an educator and mom who believes that the world needs who our daughters were meant to be.

I'm just a girl from the middle of the Arizona desert. And if there's anything I know, it's girls.

I am the oldest of four girls, I have three of my own (and one little guy), and I have spent over 12 years working with girls ages 8-18 in my community. I get the struggles they face and how to connect with them.

I like to describe my life prior to about five years ago, as pretty much sunshine and rainbows. Then when things got really hard, I wasn't prepared and didn't have many tools to get through it. Enter the discovery of life coaching and therapy. Wait, my feelings are actually just coming from my thoughts? And true confidence is realizing it's not possible to be any better/worse than any other human? Mind blown. Life changed. 

Then a few friends and I thought, what if we could find a fun way to teach all this to our girls NOW?

Especially when we learned that girls' self-esteem often decreases during the tween years. I also kept finding in my parenting research that all roads to giving our children a foundation for success led back to how they feel about themselves!

So I combined my love of teaching with my new passion for mental health and the rest is history. Four years later, we have helped hundreds of girls have confidence in their amazing worth.

And now I'm here to help you and your daughter.

Never without

Water & a hair tie

favorite TRAVEL memory

Snorkeling with sea turtles 

probably listening to

A Self-help podcast

ice cream order

Hazelnut + Salted Caramel

when my kids can't find me

Reading on the porch or relaxing in the tub

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A few things I beleive

“You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." - Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

A few things I beleive

“There are two important days in a woman's life: the day she is born and the day she finds out why.” - Terry Tempest Williams

let's do this thing

Are you ready to empower your daughter with confidence?

We can't wait for her to start learning the tools she needs to love who she is!

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