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Confidence Classes for Girls

You've signed your daughter up for ballet for balance, soccer for teamwork, and piano for music skills. What are you doing for her emotional well-being?

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You have more power than you realize in building your daughter's self-esteem. But if you're anything like me, you know your daughter will benefit from hearing it from someone else. And bonus points that she can do it with friends!

Note: Our classes are for girls in 4th-6th grades.


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If you're wondering:

will it be a hassle to get her there? 

We teach in the heart of Downtown Gilbert, an area that's full of happy vibes. Plus, the space at Thrive Coworking is so unique and dreamy that we think it's worth the drive wherever you're coming from. We make it easy for you to safely drop off and pick up, or you can park and enjoy a fun day shopping and dining while you wait!

is it worth the money?

For the same price as your music lessons, your daughter will get connection, emotional health tools, have fun, and feel better about herself. You will also get a parent guide for each class to continue helping her at home!

will it actually help her?

Building confidence is a lifelong journey! You can rest assured that what she learns in these classes will absolutely fill her self-esteem bucket. Will outside forces drain that sometimes? Yep. But the goal is to keep filling it back up!

okay, i'm in!

Class Manifesto

We believe in the power of thoughts.
We believe in facing our feelings.
We believe in the incredible worth of every girl.
We believe our bodies are amazing.
We believe life is an adventure and is so much more fun when we use
our strengths.
We believe in failure.
We believe in loving everyone.
We believe (of all things) there may be nothing more important than
learning to love yourself.

All of these and more
are class topics!

okay, i'm in!

Let's hear it from the girls!

"What I like best about coming to these classes is that you can talk about how you're feeling without worrying about anyone judging you. It's a safe space."

"These classes are one of the best things that ever happened to me!"

“Meant to be Me was amazing! I learned so much about myself, being confident, and much more. I'm definitely coming back!"

Is This Right For You?

You're ready to invest in your daughter's emotional well-being just as you've done for her physical...

You're overwhelmed by not knowing how to help your daughter who is struggling with self-esteem...

Your daughter is feeling good about herself but you want to be more intentional in giving her the tools she needs for when it gets harder...

You're so tired of listening to her compare herself to others...

You're ready to feel confident that you are putting her on the path to loving and learning who she is meant to be...

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

pick your class!