New this year, all our classes are now offered biweekly to provide the perfect balance of accountability & connection.

We will cover our amazing Thought Power (February), Face Your Feelings (March), and Love Yourself (April) classes this Spring.

PLUS this our first time offering Level 2 classes for the girls who have been through all of our curriculum! We will be learning the same core monthly topics, but diving deeper with new lessons and activities. 

classes options:

Thought power - feb 10 & 24
face your feelings - mar 2 & 23
love yourself - apr 6 & 20

12:30-2 level 1
2:30-4 level 2

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pay monthly

Spring A La Carte Classes

february 24 only - $47 thought power 

Our thoughts are so powerful because they determine how we FEEL! This is the best news because then we get to decide how to feel better about OURSELVES by what we THINK about ourselves!  

march 2 & 23 - $94       
face your feelings

We will dive deep into different feelings they experience and show them how to process them instead of resist or react to them. This will lead to more confidence and less anxiety!

april 6 & 20 - $94
love yourself

This class is really the core of our mission and curriculum here. Love Yourself will help them realize that their worth as a human has nothing to do with their looks or their abilities. This is where true confidence comes from!

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(prices below include the TWO biweekly classes each month, both part 1 and part 2 )

let's hear it from the moms

"All extra curriculars are great (& my daughter is signed up for many!!), but this trumps them all when it comes to importance and the lasting difference it will make in her life!"

I feel that mental health and self improvement is important from a young age. I saw my daughter struggling greatly with body image and the typical tween challenges and insecurities. I asked around and dozens of people referred me to Meant to Be Me. Once I read about your offerings I knew we had to fit it into our busy schedule, no matter what.

sarah beard

"It is important to me to raise strong, brave, confident kids."

 This class helps set up understanding of our brains, how they work, our emotions and how we can decide what we believe to be true. Our brains do not always tell us what is true, it makes up its own story. The classes help reinforce principles that I try to teach my kids (and I only learned as an adult), but they hear it from someone else with other peers around them that can relate to each other. I wish I had learned these things much earlier in my life, so I am trying to do better for my kids.

christel thompson

michelle lindsey

"Now that they’ve completed the classes, my girls are thriving at new extracurricular activities!"

Knowing Kristen, I knew my girls would be in great hands as they began their journey of self discovery and self confidence. Having the confidence to do new things felt like the best place to start to help them grow. Meant to be Me is such a great investment in your daughter’s journey to becoming a more confident and understanding young lady. 

If you're wondering:

can my daughter's friend who is new to classes join her in a level 2 class? 

Yes, the amazing thing about our classes is that any girl will learn and benefit from any of our classes. We think it's important to keep girls together if that helps them get to class. The Level 1 classes just provide more of a foundation for the Level 2 ones to build upon for further growth.

what if i can't make it to one of the classes?

Please email us in advance and you can either find someone to attend if her place or you can use that class credit to any other class this Spring. 

what if my daughter isn't in 4th-6th grade?

If you have a daughter slightly younger or older, just email us and we will see if we can make it work depending on the ages of the girls that are signed up for that class and if we feel like it would be a good fit!

okay, i'm in!

No Girl Left Behind

We don't want cost to ever be a barrier for any girl. One partial scholarship per class will be available on a needs basis. Contact for further details and scholarship application.