We do this confidence thing really well.

Whether you're local and want to send your daughters to hang out and learn with us or you'd like to focus on creating the best environment for her self-esteem to grow at home (or BOTH!) ...we've got you covered!

our why

We can help because we've been there. Really, we can help because we’re there now.

We know what it's like to watch your daughter go from that confident preschooler to one who now says she's not as smart or as pretty as her friends. Or she doesn't have the right clothes and she needs to be like everybody else. We even know what it's like to worry when she starts showing signs of anxiety that are keeping her from living her life to the fullest. 

this thing we do

The Girls Classes

Part-friend hangout, part-workshop, part-class. All in a beautifully inspiring and safe space in Downtown Gilbert where she will be free to share her feelings as she learns and grows.

learn more

They provide strategies and tools to use in the real everyday life and nowhere else do girls get taught these very important things! 

- christel thompson, gilbert AZ

our core values


First to yourself, then to others. The more you love yourself, the more love you are able to give! And when it comes to connecting with others, our fave formula is vulnerability + validation. 


Everything is better when you make it fun! We add as much as we can into our learning experiences from interactive games to engaging challenges.


Confidence is never something you check off the box. You've got to be in it for the journey...always learning, practicing, growing, failing, and trying again. And it's worth it!